Where technology meets art

We are a technology company from India, with a difference. We don’t do things differently but do different things altogether. We create technology products that change the world in many ways, like using voice to solve some trivial problems. We use an outcome-based engagement model with our IT Services customers, to help adapt the technology by Indian MSME. This model comes with a lower upfront cost for the customers, and we deliver exactly that is required for the business.

Our Brands

Here are some of our brands that are impacting society every day, in many ways.

'Voicee' - Mobile App

'MindRe' - Online Therapy

IT Services

Our IT Services wing is capable of handling most of the technology and business domains. Start a conversation, and you’ve nothing to loose.

We believe these words from the master are accurate to the core, even in technology. We need to imagine the outcome much before than writing the first line of the code.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso

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